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Updates 20/04/2012

The following changes are going to be applied to PicaPica at the bi-weekly maintenance on Friday 5pm GMT + 0. For a complete overview of all the bugs please visit our bug tracking system here.

Current revision number: 924


  • Beta functions toggle added in the System Properties so you can enjoy experimental functions within PicaPica. These functions however are still in Beta and should be used carefully as they can still change.
  • ‘Configure’ and ‘Help’ buttons are added in the module overview, for easier configuration and finding help for a module.
  • Bulk actions have been added for the accounts, making them easier to delete and modify the privacy.
  • Accounts now have a private toggle, which makes the account only visible for one user (administrators are exceptions to this rule).


  • The Dutch language pack has been updated again.
  • The module section is now changed, making it much more friendlier to use.
  • Fixed the Twitter module again as the API is unstable and did not always work.
  • A person can now only be deleted when you are actually able to see him in the first place.
  • The import module has changed a bit to make it handle data better.
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Posted on April 20, 2012, in Blog, Application updates

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